Services Provided

Day Habilitation Services (DH): Day habilitation is designed to assist or support
the person in developing or maintaining life skills and community integration.  Day habilitation is provided
in a group setting versus an individual setting.

Supported Employment (SE): Supported employment services are designed to help individuals
with disabilities find and maintain community employment.  Individuals in supported employment will be
provided training as needed and a job coach to assist with intense and/or ongoing support needs.  The supported employment program has placements in over 25 different businesses and industries in Jones

Supported Community Living (SCL): Supported community living is designed to assist or
support the person in acquiring, developing, or maintaining life skills.  The service is based on individual need and
can encompass supports in activities of daily living, advocacy, problem solving, and coping skills, The program is designed to allow the individual to live as independently as possible with supports.  ASJC offers SCL services on an hourly or daily basis depending on need.

Respite:  Respite services are to provide temporary relief for families and caregivers of persons with disabilities.  Supervision and oversight are provided to ensure the safety and well-being of the individual served.  

Career Connections (CC):ASJC, in collaboration with the Grant Wood AEA and school
districts in Jones County provides the Career Connection program for eligible high school students.  Career Connections provides high school students with disabilities the extra training and support needed to become independent and successful in community jobs.  ASJC works with local school districts and
businesses to find successful community employment following high school.  More information on this program can be found at

For more information on any of these programs, call (319) 465-5991.

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