ASJC is a private non-profit organization based in Monticello, Iowa that provides services to individuals with disabilities in Jones County and surrounding counties.


Our Mission

Advancement Services


Jones County

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Advancement Services provides a wide array of services for the individuals we serve.

About Us

To maximize the strengths of each person so that they may reach their individual potential.  Our actions are based on the belief that individuals with disabilities have the right to be fully integrated into all of life's activities.


Redemption Center Calendar/Hours of Operation


For more information, call the Monticello office at (319) 465-5991, or check the Advancement Services of Jones County Facebook page for more information.


Can redemption is currently open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8am to 4pm.  There is currently no limit to the number of containers that can be redeemed at one time.  We ask that you call ahead if you have more than 10 bags. 

Advancement Services will be closed on the following days in 2023.

​Friday, April 7th

Monday, May 27th

Tuesday, July 4th

Monday, September 4th

Friday, November 24th

Friday, December 22nd

Monday, December 25th

​In case of inclement weather, cancellations and delays will be based on both Monticello and Anamosa school schedules. ​